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Vol 5, Issue 3      
August/September, 2017

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Aluminum: Wrapped Up

Secat, Inc. will hold another session of Aluminum Wrapped Up:  A Basic Understanding of Aluminum, at their facility in Lexington on November 8, 2017.
 Make plans now to attend! SPACE IS LIMITED!  Use the link below to register.
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for more information and to register.

Congratulations to Randall and Rebecca Vice Bowers on the birth of their son.  Randall is a Materials Engineer at Secat.
Finnick Vice Bowers was born on June 16, 2017.

Welcome Finn!


For more information, please contact Todd Boggess at or 
(859) 514-4989.

Secat Makes a Difference

Training Options Make Secat the Source for Aluminum Education


Secat’s Aluminum: Wrapped Up course has been reaching a variety of companies in the aluminum sector and beyond.  The following companies have sent employees to Secat for training:

  • Garmco USA
  • Tri-Arrows Aluminum, Inc.
  • Avkem Solutions
  • Alcoa
  • Manakin Industries
  • Houghton International
  • Ky Smelting Technologies
  • Toyota
  • Logan Aluminum
  • Constellium
  • Aleris
  • Audubon Metals

In addition, Secat has taught private classes for Tri-Arrows Aluminum, Skana Aluminum, and Toyota Tsusho. These private classes are available at Secat or on-site at your company.

Another method of training that Secat provides is to host a company’s metallurgist for a specified time period in order to train them on the fundamentals of metallurgy. The person stays anywhere from 2 days to 2 weeks, depending on their level of understanding. They are encouraged to bring samples from their plant for evaluation. This is a truly hands-on way to benefit from the store of aluminum experience available at Secat, Inc.

For more information, please contact Todd Boggess or (859) 514-4989.

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Featured Capabilities
Secat, Inc. and ATI, Inc. Agree to Collaborate on Joint R&D Activities


Secat, Inc. and ATI, Inc. (Nicholasville, KY) agree to collaborate on new research and development programs utilizing specialized capabilities each company owns and operates. Secat’s highly advanced metallurgical laboratory combined with ATI’s casting, rolling, and extrusion/forging capabilities provide aluminum manufacturers an opportunity to develop and characterize new alloys on a laboratory scale at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods. Predictive modeling software and precise measurement tools combined with laboratory scale manufacturing practices assist customers with decisions regarding new product development and process improvement without investing time and resources in experimenting with full scale equipment and interrupting production flow.
The joint agreement between Secat and ATI adds the capability of melting up to 500 pounds of aluminum using an electric resistance furnace along with molten metal treatment procedures including both chlorine gas flux for sodium removal as well as an inert gas rotary diffuser for hydrogen removal.
The Direct Chill (DC) casting center is able to produce round billets as well as rectangular ingots, which is equipped with an ultrasonic cavitation assisted solidification process for dispersoid particle refinement and grain size refinement. The DC casting system is also capable of inert gas environment casting for Al-Li alloys.  For smaller scale experiments, various capacities of melting and permanent mold casting equipment are available, such as 200, 100, 40, 30, and 10 pound induction melting furnaces. For the 10 pound melting furnace, vacuum casting is also available.  
A 300 ton hydraulic press is available for forging and extrusion. Forging dies include both an upset forging process as well as a lengthening forging process. The extrusion press uses a 2″ diameter billet with extrusion dies for 0.25″ x 1″ cross section bar extrusions.  Both direct extrusion dies and indirect extrusion dies are available.    
A five inch wide hot rolling mill is able to handle the incoming slab thickness of 2.5″.    
For residual stress relief of the quenched plate and extrusion samples, a stretcher of 120,000 pound capacity is available which can handle plate samples of up to 0.5″ x 2″ cross section.
Please contact Todd Boggess or Shridas Ningileri if you are interested in learning more about the expanded capabilities that are now available at 859-514-4989.

Person of Interest

Paul Platek – Director, Engineering & Technology NA, Aleris International, Inc.

Paul has worked at Aleris for 30 years, with various roles at several facilities and the corporate office.  He has served in a variety of capacities including Manager Product & Process Development, Technical Manager, Director of Operations and in his current role as Director, Engineering & Technology NA.

We asked Paul some questions about his work.
Give us a quick overview of your job.
The focus of my job is to develop the capability and reliability of our products and processes to meet current and future customer needs. This may involve new product development projects, optimization of existing products, new capital equipment installations, or continuous improvement projects at our plants to enhance product quality and process efficiencies.
What are some things that happen for you in a typical day at work?
There really seems to be no “typical” work day. Aleris utilizes three different casting process technologies to produce flat-rolled aluminum sheet in North America: pellet compaction, twin-belt continuous- casting, and conventional direct- chill casting. I am fortunate to be able to work on all of these technologies, each with their unique challenges and opportunities. As an example, this year has included several continuous improvement projects at our pellet compaction facility, product development projects at our continuous- cast facilities and a major capital equipment installation at our direct- chill casting facility.
How does your job impact the markets you serve?
Continually improving the capability and reliability of our products and processes will enable existing customer partnerships to grow and strengthen in the historical markets we serve, such as Building & Construction, Transportation and Distribution, while also fostering new collaborative partnerships in growing aluminum markets such as Automotive Body Sheet.
How do you interact with Secat, Inc. and how does the relationship benefit you?
Aleris is a founding member of Secat, and we have had a very active partnership since inception. Whether the research involves product development or process improvements, we rely on Secat’s ability to always provide timely, accurate and professional metallurgical testing, analysis and consultation.
Tell us something about yourself (outside of the industry) that people may not know.
I grew up in Vermont and became a somewhat capable, but avid, skier in my younger years. While I still try to take a trip to ski every few years, this was probably not the hobby-of-choice for a career in the Midwest.


“Accidental” Aluminum Art
Finding an Artist Working with Found Objects


While on a weekend getaway in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, we found an artist who uses aluminum in some of her art – what a find!

Multi-media artist Julie Moye works in many mediums, including oils, watercolors, mosaic with tiles and glass, pottery, concrete and found objects. Julie works in the medium of the day in order to vent her creativity. Much of her work is on display at KDH Cooperative gallery and studios, a business she envisioned and opened in May of 2001. Other large scale works such as glass and tile murals and tile installations are on view around the Outer Banks in public areas as well as in private homes. With beginnings in the art world as an educator, Julie worked as elementary, middle and then college art teacher in Arizona and in North Carolina’s Outer Banks. She still finds time to teach a variety of children’s and adult art
classes at the gallery. “Teaching is just one way I find inspiration for my own creativity.” Julie lives in Kitty Hawk with her husband, grandson, and two dogs.
We asked Julie some questions about her work:
When did you start using recycled aluminum?
Probably four years ago after I was part of a tin collage workshop and started using some aluminum mixed into the work, all nailed onto wood.
What pieces do you make with recycled aluminum?
I make collages with aluminum, tin, and paint.  I also make a series of aluminum can ornaments and cards.  I embellish them with alcohol ink which really gleams on the aluminum surface.
What is your process?
I use recycled aluminum cans. I cut them apart, flatten them and then cut out my designs by hand or with the use of a small die cutter or punches. I then embellish them with alcohol inks, beads and other materials that inspire me.
What inspires you?
Humor and puns inspire me in every way, but sometimes the materials themselves inspire me to find a use for them in a new and creative way. That is the most fun I have in my studio, finding some cast off object and making it into an art object to be loved or laughed at.
One fairly large piece including aluminum was titled Can-tail Mermaid which was purchased by a local physician’s office. That piece incorporated aluminum cans, featuring the original art of the can.
How can people purchase your work?

I sell most of my work through our gallery KDH Cooperative Gallery & Studios here on the Outer Banks of NC. The website  I love to hear from patrons and will take commissions occasionally.  I sell some small works such as cards and some clay work through some regional galleries and as far away as New Jersey.   

Do you have a piece of Aluminum Art you’d like to share?  Contact us at

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