Secat is a metallurgical research laboratory specializing in aluminum product and process technologies with ISO 17025:2017 certification. Secat has technical and marketing capabilities to serve various aluminum product sectors including: automotive, marine, aerospace, packaging, building & construction, electrical, and recycling. Secat assists companies with materials testing, failure analysis, alloy development, and the enhancement of processes and properties related to casting, forging, extrusion, rolling of plate sheet & foil, powder metallurgy, and foams & composites.

Secat provides services related to new product development, energy assessment, and marketing and business analysis. The expertise of industry consultants and national laboratories are available to supplement Secat’s on-site capabilities.

Secat Team, Facilities, and Equipment

The scientists and engineers at Secat provide in-depth analysis using state-of-the-art metallurgical tools. Their advanced education combined with industrial experience provides a unique and valuable resource for aluminum companies. Secat is housed in a specially designed 10,000-square-foot research facility in Lexington, Kentucky, USA.

Secat has a wide variety of metallurgical R&D equipment, including SEM with EDS and EBSD, surface roughness tester, mechanical testing equipment for plate, sheet and foil, XRD for texture, hardness, earing, formability, and metal cleanliness (Alscan, Prefil, and Leco-Hydrogen). In addition, thermal treatment facilities with hot and cold rolling pilot capabilities enable Secat to develop new processes and alloys from casting to finished product.

Modeling software such as ProCAST, ABAQUS, Thermo-Calc, and JMAT Pro enables Secat to understand and compliment experimental alloy and process development work. Additionally, Star CD, a CFD model, is used in design and optimization of burners and melting equipment.