Secat provides Aluminum Answers through our 5 Point Customer Service Process. This process provides quick, accurate, and implementable results at competitive prices while protecting your intellectual property and trade secrets.

Identify customer issues and challenges

Secat’s highly trained scientists and engineers will work with you to understand your issues, define the Statement of Work, and provide you with a quote and timeline.

Investigate and conduct analysis

With customer’s input and continuous feedback including plant visits, Secat scientist(s) assigned to the project will perform necessary R&D and testing work to fulfill the needs from beginning (customer contact) to end (final report).

Interpret Data

Secat’s interpretive capability sets us apart from testing-only organizations. Our wide spectrum of knowledge and experience is based on our investigative work with a multitude of diverse customers over many years. This enables our team to interpret the data and relate it to production and process parameters, thereby expediting implementable solutions within the plant and with end users.

Implement results and solutions

After identifying customer issues and challenges, conducting investigative analysis, analyzing and interpreting data, and customer consultation and feedback, Secat delivers a detailed written technical report to you with suggested implementable strategies while protecting your intellectual property and trade secrets.

Initiate long term relationships

Secat is building long term relationships, by continuing to assist in the solution of technical issues, thereby becoming the customers preferred research resource. Secat’s growing list of long term customers originated from small short term projects based on this 5 Point Customer Service Process.