SECAT Newsletter, Vol. 9, Issue 2

Aluminum WrapUp
Volume 9, Issue 2
July 2021- Summer Issue
Secat Welcomes New Interns!
Amelia Pace and Zack Paterson are spending the summer with us at Secat. Both are Materials Engineering students at the University of Kentucky.
We visited with Amelia at Secat recently. Amelia is from Louisville and will be a Junior at UK in Fall 2021. Her career goals are to work in the manufacturing industry with a focus on design. We asked her what’s the most exciting thing she has learned so far from her work at Secat:
Her response: “Being able to work in real life applications from the things I learned in school!”
You can learn more about us on Secat’s website here.
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What’s New?
ColgateⓇ Keep
Aluminum Toothbrush
A toothbrush made of aluminum is now available in the market, thanks to Colgate. Called the Link Replaceable Head Toothbrush, Colgate has rolled out a toothbrush with aluminum handle in a bid to convince consumers to cut down the use of plastic. 
The product claims to use 80 per cent less plastic than a regular brush, attempting at providing an easy-breezy solution for consumers looking for simple ways to reduce plastic waste. Also, it claims to be used for a lifetime. Each set comes with two replaceable brush heads and one aluminum handle. They are available in two colors – silver and navy. 
The outer packaging of the product also contains 60 per cent recycled content. Two-pack refill kits of the brush heads are available in two bristle variants – deep clean and whitening.
Colgate-Palmolive’s VP & GM for Colgate-Northern Europe Taylor Gordy said “helping to look after the planet” through “superior technology” was a priority.
Check out this article in Recycling Today for more info on this innovative product!
What’s New? Well, sort of…
Secat Launches New Website has a new look and new features. The homepage has been redesigned to make it easier for customers to access quote requests and more clearly defines all available services. The Services section has been updated to include more content including case studies and examples of customer projects, with a “customer focus” section showcasing the equipment Secat uses for each particular service. Visitors can also check on upcoming training programs on various topics related to aluminum manufacturing. 
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Pandemic Update
Looking back…and looking forward.
As we make progress to our return to normal – Secat looks back at the impact of the Covid-19 Pandemic and ahead at how it has changed our business practices.
The first recorded case in Kentucky on March 6, 2020, soon resulted in changes to Secat’s daily business practices.
  • Secat continued to operate during the pandemic under the “critical business” exemption by the Kentucky governor’s office. However, employees were encouraged to work from home as much as possible over the course of 2 months, coming into the office only to utilize the laboratory equipment. This hybrid work schedule allowed Secat to meet its customer commitments and support the aluminum industry.
  • Restricted visitors from entering the building and cancelled all travel to customer sites.
  • Followed CDC guidelines with respect to social distancing, wearing masks, and hygiene. 
  • All internal and external meetings were conducted by video calls – no face-to-face meetings.
These changes resulted in a minimal number of recorded cases thanks to the staff’s focused effort and willingness to adhere to safety protocols.
Of course, these adjustments had both positive and negative outcomes. On the negative side, because lab work requires a lot of person-to-person interaction to look at samples and discuss findings, effectiveness was reduced. Customer site visits for audits/project discussions were temporarily eliminated or took place via videoconference. Writing technical reports from home meant at times samples were not visually available. And finally, team building exercises were reduced or eliminated. 
The positives included flexibility of work and work schedules., Video conferencing, at times, was more effective than telephone calls for marketing/sales meetings. Also, Secat was able to continue offering its technical training courses virtually, which saved time and money for its customers.
Now that the economy is “opening up”, future operations will look different. Customer visits may continue to be conducted by videoconference rather than in-person, especially for preliminary meetings. Secat will offer a virtual option for its training classes, in addition to in-person training. Staff will be back on-site with flexible work-from-home options available for family necessities. And lastly, visitors are now allowed to come into the office – so plan your visit today!
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Secat continues a variety of training opportunities with virtual and in person options.
Next Up:
August 3-4
Fundamentals of Ingot Casting
Summary: This training course is designed for aluminum ingot casthouse operators. Its purpose is to provide the necessary tools to improve the quality and efficiency of aluminum ingot casting operations. Participants will learn about best practices within the melting operation, metal transport systems, degassing systems, grain refining process, filtration and inclusion removal systems, DC ingot casting operations, quality inspections, homogenization processes, and much more.
Reference materials will be provided as a resource for professionals working in the aluminum industry. The course instructor has a wide variety of experience and can assist with day to day issues that are commonly faced in the industry.
The class is being taught in-person, however there are also a limited number of virtual seats available as well.
$695 per attendee
• Technicians
• Quality Engineers
• Management
• Plant Operators
• Maintenance Personnel
Our next virtual training seminars are:
Roll Grinding & Surface Generation- Sept 7-10
Recovery in Melting During Rotary Furnace- Oct 19-22
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Person of Interest
Jason Weber, VP of Sales and Marketing, Taber Extrusions
Jason Weber is Vice President Sales & Marketing for Taber Extrusions. Previously, Jason was the Director of Business Development for Energy and Industrial Products at Hydro Extrusion North America. He has 20+ years of global manufacturing experience collaborating with internal partners, end users, suppliers and international partners to help innovate product and service offerings and drive the definition, design, and implementation of strategic plans and industry relationships that maximize revenue, improve the customer experience and enhance brand value. Jason is an active member of the Aluminum Extruders Council (AEC) and is the leader of the Council’s Marketing/Industry Promotion Team. Jason holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration and Marketing from Minot State University in North Dakota.
We asked Jason to answer a few questions for us-
Give us a quick overview of your job. 
As the VP of Sales and Marketing I am responsible for all customer facing activities. As an extrusion company Taber has a very broad base of extrusion capabilities with extrusion container sizes from 2” to our large rectangular container 28” X 10”. This robust container size selection has Taber providing extruded components to almost every type of end use customer from Defense and Aerospace to standard shapes for the Distribution channel. In addition to providing extrusions, Taber also operates an integrated CNC machining factory, billet casting facility and in 2020 began operation of a Friction Stir Welding facility capable of joining profiles up to 65’ in length.
At Taber our tag line is “The Shape of Endless Possibilities” and the depth and breadth of Taber’s manufacturing capabilities enables our customers to take advantages of Taber’s capabilities and capacities to develop cost efficient structures for their products.
It is my pleasure, in my role with Taber to be the tip of the spear in working with our many different customers to help enable their success. Of course, with any customer relationship there can be issues to work through and it is my responsibility to liaison with Taber manufacturing and develop plans and implement solutions to solve the customers issues.
What are some things that happen for you in a typical day at work?
I’ve been in the extrusion industry for almost 25 years. One thing has remained constant during my time in the industry is it is never the same thing twice. Every day is different. With the current economic environment much of my day is spent working on opportunities to help customers. Whether that be improving production schedules, problem solving manufacturing issues or launching new customers/products every day is a new opportunity to learn.
How does your job impact the markets you serve?
Taber’s foundation is serving the Defense industry. Taber’s extrusion profiles are used in naval vessels, military vehicles, military aircraft, and munitions to name a few of the end uses. At Taber, we take this commitment to the US warfighter to heat and take great pride in providing the products we do. My role is key to delivering on the contract requirements as established by our customers.
How do you interact with Secat, Inc. and how does the relationship benefit you?
Our interaction with Secat varies depending on the project. At time we have worked with Todd Boggess – President, Shridas Ningileri – VP Engineering, Nicholas Nanninga – Technical Director, and Jim Hands – Sales Manager. Not to mention all the people at Secat behind the scenes that help delivering on the specific project we are working on. Projects completed have been of various scopes from simple billet characterization evaluations, to completing product conformance testing (where Taber labs do not have capabilities or capacities), to developing new conformance testing procedures or Root Cause Analysis.
Tell us something about yourself (outside of the industry) that people may not know.
My wife Joni and I live in Shawnee, KS (suburb of Kansas City – GO CHIEFS!) and we have 2 sons. Our oldest Chris is a recent graduate from the University of Kansas (ROCK CHALK JAYHAWK!) and Max will be a Junior in high school. Joni and I were born and raised on farms in SE South Dakota and we enjoy traveling back home to see our families.
I enjoy running, playing guitar and baseball.
You can learn more about Taber on their website here.
Featured Capabilities
Fabric Testing Report
Secat was awarded a project to evaluate various protective fabrics in terms of their resistance to molten aluminum. Secat utilized its unique fabric testing machine (photo shown to the right), which was developed based on ASTM F955-15 guidelines.
Test fabrics were provided for possible use as protective garments in the aluminum industry. The fabrics were tested for exposure to molten aluminum using 0.75kg or 1.0kg weights of the designated alloys AA1100, AA5182 or AA6061 chosen by the member company for which the fabrics were tested.
Results from this study are available for purchase from The Aluminum Association’s bookstore.
Secat is currently using this technique for various Aluminum melting facilities and fabric suppliers to help them rate their materials to the standard on an ongoing basis. This allows customers/suppliers in the selection of appropriate garments for use on the plant floor and in the development of the fabrics respectively.
Aluminum Art
Breaking the Bronze Ceiling with Aluminum
Across the country, there is a growing movement to recognize noteworthy women and their historical contributions through public monuments. Unfortunately, less than 7% of the 5,193 monuments in the United States presently recognize women. The “Breaking the Bronze Ceiling” initiative changed that in Lexington, Kentucky, in August 2020 when STAND by Barbara Grygutis was installed.
Lexington, Kentucky, USA
20’ H x 30’ W x 5’ D
This monumental artwork commemorates the women suffragists who fought for the passing of the 19th Amendment which afforded women the right to vote. Sited in downtown Lexington, Kentucky, the artwork serves as the first public sculpture to honor historic women in the city. The five, 20-foot aluminum silhouetted sculptures are a reminder of the historic significance of the women who pushed for suffrage, the achievement of the 19th Amendment, as well as the continuing fight for women’s rights, representation and equality. The silhouettes do not depict any specific woman as the movement for women’s suffrage was widespread. At night, the sculptures are illuminated from within to act as a community beacon around the clock.
Commissioned by Breaking the Bronze Ceiling, Lexington, Kentucky.
Fabrication: Bollinger Atelier, Phoenix, Arizona.
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