Cleanliness Testing for Microcontamination

Innovatech Labs, an independent contract laboratory, is actively involved in the microcontamination realm of the hard drive industry. We have been correlated to perform cleanliness testing for Seagate and other hard drive manufacturers since 1994. Our lab participated in the creation of many of the IDEMA standards dealing with microcontamination.

Cleanliness testing for microcontamination is not a side line for Innovatech Labs. Through our involvement in industry groups and contacts made through years of testing, we often have a heads up on changes coming down the pipeline concerning test methods or acceptance criteria. In the past, this knowledge has saved our customers both money and aggravation.

Microcontamination in the Hard Drive Industry

Innovatech Labs Provides the following cleanliness testing services:

• Non-Volatile Residues (NVR)
• Extractable Organics

• silicones, phthalates, amides & hydrocarbons

• Extractable Ionic Contamination
Outgassing Test

• Static and Dynamic Headspace

Learn more about how Innovatech Labs can help Detect Microcontamination for Hard Drive Component Manufacturers.

Cleanliness Testing in Other Industries

Innovatech Labs, a leading material testing lab, can provide manufacturing support to any company which needs to ensure the cleanliness of their outgoing product or incoming shipments. From verifying a product is free of silicone or plasticizers to determining the level of particulates present on material, our wide range of cleanliness testing techniques and expertise are available to assist you.

Test the cleanliness of your products, incoming shipments or hard drive components by contacting Innovatech Labs.