Q: Is Secat an accredited laboratory?
A: Yes, Secat is certified to ISO17025:2005. Our test certificate and list of certified tests can be found by clicking here .

Q: Is Secat a private company?
A: Yes, Secat is a private corporation based in Lexington, KY. It is an independent research center that supports the aluminum industry by providing cutting edge R&D and analytical services.

Q: Can you perform testing on other metals?
A: Yes and no. Our lab is capable of conducting tests on a wide variety of materials, however much of our laboratory equipment is calibrated only for aluminum alloys. Contact us to find out more.

Q: Where are you located?
A: We are located in Lexington, KY (home of the Kentucky Wildcats). You can find directions to our lab by clicking here.

Q: What are your rates for analysis?
A: We do not have a published price sheet. Click here to request a quote.

Q: How soon will I receive results?
A: We pride ourselves on speed of delivery. Our professional staff of engineers work hard to meet short turnaround times demanded from our customers. Each project is different, but most of the projects are completed within one week. There are exceptions for large and complex projects. In those cases, expectations are communicated up front and agreed upon by our customers.

Q: What type of engineers work at Secat and what qualifications do you look for when hiring someone?
A: Secat employs materials engineers that have a strong work ethic and dedication to being team player.

Q: How does Secat handle Intellectual Property, if any developed during the course of an R & D Project?
A: All IP developed belongs to the company that funded the project; Secat requests that patents list Secat staff who contributed to the project

Q: How does Secat handle IP and NDA in the case of collaboration with Universities?
A: This is handled on a case by case basis; Secat subcontracts work to University Departments and or the customer can maintain a separate and parallel IP agreement with the University.

Q: How does Secat handle projects that require tests not available at Secat?
A: Secat maintains a list of certified outside vendors including commercial laboratories and Universities with capabilities outside Secat’s core competencies. Tests will be subcontracted after obtaining customer’s permission and Secat will be responsible for the data based on the terms of the Quote/Purchase Order.

Q: What areas of the aluminum industry does Secat serve?
A: Secat works with all segments of the aluminum industry including rolling mills, foundries, billet and ingot casters, extruders, metal matrix composites, powders, etc as well as end users of aluminum like packaging, aerospace, automotive and transportation, construction, etc.