Liquid Particle Counting – (LPC)

Innovatech Labs provides manufacturing support by offering Liquid Particle Counting, LPC, as one of our many cleanliness testing services.

• Determining the size and distribution of particulates on precision manufactured devices in industries such as:

• Computer Hard Drive Components
• Magnetic Tapes
• Medical Devices
• Automotive Parts

• Determining particle size in colloidal solutions and inks
• Determining the size and distribution of particles in critical fluids such as:

• Hydraulic fluids
• Combustion fluids

Liquid particle counting is used to measure the size and distribution of particles in a liquid or on solid samples. The particle distribution and size are measured by irradiating a liquid sample with a laser diode and detecting the scattered light. The properties of the scattered light are related to the particle size. The particle size is measured and the number of particles present in each size range is determined. The size range of the particles measured is dependent upon the detector used.

To analyze particulate contamination on a solid material, the particulates are extracted from the solid, typically using water or a water and detergent solution. The beaker containing the sample and extraction fluid is then placed in an ultrasonic bath. The sample is removed after a period of time, and the extraction fluid is analyzed for particulates present.

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