Project Description


Onsite Melt Quality of Liquid Aluminum Inclusion Analysis Using Prefil Footprinter® and PoDFA Analysis.

Secat uses a Prefil Footprinter® to provide quick and accurate evaluation of the cleanliness of liquid aluminum. The test plots the weight of metal that flows the through a standard filter with time and evaluates the filter cross section for the types and nature of inclusions entrapped from the metal as it flows through the filter.

The curve of flow rate (weight vs. time) gives an indication of metal quality. Simply put, the faster the metal flows through the filter, or the steeper the slope of the curve, the cleaner the metal. The Prefil Footprinter® is a powerful equipment for performing quality control on a day-to-day basis, and/or on a more in-depth audit basis for process optimization. The Prefil Footprinter® is an instrument simple to use on severe conditions (casthouse or foundry floor). The instrument is well engineered for process optimization and routine measurement by shop floor personnel.

Benefit from Secat’s Metallographic Analysis Services: Secat is specialized in on-site testing of metal quality as well as inclusion identification and quantification of PoDFA/Prefil® samples.

Secat is a leader in liquid aluminum quality measurement. Over the years, Secat engineers have acquired a solid reputation for their expertise. Materials engineers at Secat are highly specialized in inclusion identification and quantification in aluminum samples taken with PoDFA or Prefil® equipment. Secat has conducted on-site tests and carried out filter evaluation for all aluminum alloys and for all aluminum segments including, re-melt facilities, rolling mills, billet casters, casting plants, etc.

Send your request for on-site Prefil testing and/or send PoDFA samples to Secat. You will receive a report with key residue photos and a breakdown of each inclusion type expressed in mm2/kg of aluminum. All information is strictly confidential and reports are completed as expeditiously as possible.

Prefil Footprinter® and PoDFA

Monitoring Hydrogen in Liquid Aluminum Using Alscan

Hydrogen concentration in the gas has to be monitored in all cast aluminum products since high H2 content can to lead to internal porosity that could ultimately lead to product failure.

Measurement of H2 concentration is therefore very important in liquid aluminum. The amount of H2 using the Alscan is measured by a proprietary thermal conductivity sensor which provides high reproducibility. The equipment has a built-in microprocessor which controls its operation and processes data. The method is fast, reproducible and accurate on line in the casting locations.

Alscan Unit