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Feb/March 2018

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Secat News

Secat is Hiring!

Secat is actively recruiting for the position of Sales Manager. The ideal candidate will 
make sales presentations directly to key decision makers and end users.  This person will be responsible for developing new customer relationships and building alliances with suppliers and collaborators. For further details, please refer to the job posting at .

Secat Featured in Light Metal Age 
The December 2017 issue of Light Metal Age featured a story about Secat’s training course,
Aluminum Wrapped Up: An Introduction to the Metal, Its Characteristics, Alloys, Processes, Forms and Applications. The 
story approached the class from the view of meeting the challenges of an aging workforce
 – providing information to a new wave of younger workers looking to fill gaps in their knowledge of the metal. 
You can read the article on Secat’s website here.

Study Results Published:   

Image result for publishedS
ecat was recently awarded a project to e
valuate various protective fabrics in terms of their resistance to molten aluminum. Secat utilized its unique fabric testing machine, which was de
veloped based on ASTM F955-15 guidelines. Test fabrics were provided by six companies for possible use as protective garments in the aluminum industry. The fabrics were
tested for exposure to molten aluminum using 0.75kg or 1.0kg we
ights of the designated alloys AA1100, AA5182 or AA6061 chosen by the member company for which the fabrics were tested. Results from this study are available for purchase from The Aluminum Association’s bookstore. 

Secat Passes Audit 
Secat Inc. has successfully passed their full surveillance audit for ISO 17025:2005. The certification body Laboratory Accreditation Bureau (L-A-B) has recently merged and 
Image result for audit passed
become part of ANSI-ASQ National Accreditation Board (ANAB). All reports from Secat Inc. will now have the ANAB Logo as shown here instead of the L-A-B logo. It is to be noted that there is no change in the
Scope of Tests covered under the current certification. The 17025 standard has been revamped and the new issue ISO 17025:2017 has just been issued. Secat
will be moving to the new issue over the course of the year.

For more information, please contact Todd Boggess a or 
(859) 514-4989.

Featured Capabilities
 Aluminum: Unwrapped – Fundamentals of Billet Casting


According to Aluminum Association reports, demand for aluminum pr
oducts in North America has risen by 40% since 2009 and is expected to continue to increa
se in 
the coming years. Additionally, the US aluminum industry currently employs 161,000 people a
nd represents more than 1% of GDP indicating the aluminum industry is vitally important to the US econom
y. In order to compete in a global market, com
pany lead
ers need employees that are knowledgeable in their field, with an eye towards continuous improvement, process and quality control and bottom line performance. This means investing in employee education through classroom an
d on-the- job training.

In 2015, Secat began offering a training course on the basic understanding of aluminum manufacturing. What began as a broad overview in the field of aluminum production is now blooming into a curriculum of unique courses designed for today’s aluminum operators and engineers.
Secat’s experience in prov
iding metallurgical support to aluminum manufacturing companies across all areas of production has led to the development of training programs 
designed to meet the current challenges faced on a daily basis. After a successful launch of 
Aluminum: Wrapped Up – A Basic Understanding of Aluminum
, Secat is now launching a follow-up course called  
Aluminum: Unwrapped – Fundamentals of Billet Casting

scheduled for March 21-22, 2018 in Lexington, KY.


This day and a half training course is designed for billet casthouse operators. Its purpose is to provide the necessary tools to improve the quality and efficiency of aluminum billet casting operations. Participants will learn about best practices within the melting operation, metal transport systems, degassing systems, grain refining process, filtration and inclusion removal systems, DC billet casting operations, quality inspections, homogenization processes, and
much more.


Reference materials will be provided as a resource for professionals working in the aluminum industry. Students are encouraged to bring questions and/or samples for discussion. The course instructor has a wide variety of experience and can assist with day to day issues that are commonly faced in the industry.

* Technicians
* Quality Engineers
* Management
* Plant Operators
* Maintenance Personnel

 Please visit to learn more or to register for the class.

Person of Interest

PersonofinterestJonathan Harper 
President of GARMCO (USA), Inc. 
New Corporate US office location, Winter Garden, FL 
Jonathan began his career in the metals industry 25 years ago in Orlando, Florida, first with ALRO Metals, then shortly thereafter joining Reynolds Aluminum Supply Company [RASCO], where he worked as an Inside Sales Representative, then Field Sales, from 1994 to 2000. His interest and enthusiasm to choose the metals business as a
 career was strengthened during his tenure with Reynolds, where their culture of investing in people with specific training, and education was a priority. From 2000 to 2009, Jonathan expanded his career by working for Commonwealth Aluminum and later Alcoa Mill Products, in Sales & Marketing role(s), encompassing continuous and direct cast processes, non heat treat common alloy, as well as 2xxx, 6xxx, and 7xxx series products. Jonathan enjoyed working with a diverse range of end markets from commercial building and construction, aerospace, transportation, and HVAC. In addition to those mill positions, and interest to return to the service center / distribution industry, Jonathan worked for Integris Metals just prior to the Ryerson acquisition in Dallas, Texas.
Jonathan joined GARMCO USA Inc. in May of 2009, and has progressed from National Sales Manager, Vice President of Sales, to recently, President of the US Incorporated entity for the parent organization, Gulf Aluminum Rolling Mill, Company [GARMCO], headquartered in Bahrain. 
Jonathan graduated with a B.S. in Business Administration, from the University of Central Florida in 1992. Jonathan also completed the Wharton Business School Advanced Management Program in 2015, and remains active with both UCF and University of Pennsylvania alumni association(s) and events. 
Jonathan is an active supporter of the Ronald McDonald House charity of Central Florida.
1) Give us a quick overview of your job. 
Provide US commercial leadership for over half of Gulf Aluminum Rolling Mill Company [GARMCO-Bahrain] global revenue, inclusive of sales, business development, financial, and commodity risk management. 
2) What are some things that happen for you in a typical day at work? 
A typical day can entail working on strategic projects such as negotiating a new US logistics contract, or business planning during a rapidly changing US trade policy environment. Although working with a diverse and talented team here in the US on day-to-day matters, continuous systems improvement, product development, or tailored just in time customer programs, with collaboration from our parent company GARMCO, is most rewarding. 
3) How does your job impact the markets you serve? 
In a positive way! At least that is the goal. Understanding the current and evolving challenges first by market, before specific customer(s), is necessary to determine whether we are capable, and willing, to allocate resources that are sustainable to address the needs of a particular market. I enjoy making decisions to enter a new market, after gathering relevant data, with the goal of staying in [that] market for the long run, resulting with a positive impact for both GARMCO and the markets we serve. 
4) How do you interact with Secat, Inc. and how does the relationship benefit you? 
The relationship GARMCO USA has with SECAT creates value and credibility for us, and the customers we serve. First, new customer development opportunities that require specific technical expertise to either solve a problem, or create an opportunity result in value for both parties. Second, complementing our ongoing investment in continuing education, our employees attend Aluminum: Wrapped Up – A Basic Understanding of Aluminum, and subsequent education programs. Over time, the accumulation of these experiences increase confidence and credibility, especially for our newer team members interacting with customers. 
5) Tell us something about yourself (outside of the industry) that people may not know 
As a childhood cancer survivor, I learned early the values of compassion, humor, fairness, patience, and the purpose to enjoy the blessing of life. I try to adhere to the principal; “Don’t take yourself too seriously, however take seriously your duty and vocation.”


Aluminum Art
 Pondered Mysteries


“Charles O. Perry (1929-2011) was a creator, an artist of many dimensions who ponders the wonderful mysteries of the universe. His large scale and monumental sculptures celebrate and question the laws of nature. His intuitive investigation of nature’s variables provides the springboard for many of Perry’s concepts. Believing that sculpture must stand on its own merit without need of explanation, Perry’s work has an elegance of form that masks the mathematical complexity of its genesis.”

Aluminum is one of the materials that Perry found to express his artistic vision.

Perry’s Eclipse sculpture, located in the Hyatt Regency Hotel, San Francisco, is a fantastic example of the artist’s vision and the beauty of aluminum.

Do you have a piece of Aluminum Art you’d like to share?  Contact us at

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